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OMC Model Year Chart

Embedded in the model number is the Make, horsepower and year of the engine. For example: (using the chart below)

If your model number is J200TLCOS your engine is a 1985 200hpJohnson engine.

The first Letter corresponds to the first letter of the make of your engine.
The next numbers are the engine horse power.
The second to last two letters correspond to the year listed in the chart below.

1980(CS) 1981(CI) 1982(CN) 1983(CT) 1984(CR) 1985(CO)
1986(CD) 1987(CU) 1988(CC) 1989(CE) 1990(ES) 1991(EI)
1992(EN) 1993(ET) 1994(ER) 1995(EO) 1996(ED) 1997(EU)
1998(EC) 1999(EE) 2000(SS) 2001(SI)